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Hp Envy 5000 Setup

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Install HP Envy 5000 Printer with HP Com Support


HP Envy 5000 Printer is now available with advanced features and functions. This model of printer is gaining popularity among people. In this printer, users can also explore the feature of mobility to enhance its functions. But at the same people also face issue while installing the printer or set up it. The printer is also provided with a wireless feature through which users can use it without connecting their device with a printer using the cord. We have bought some simple steps through which you can set up the printer. If due to any situation you can’t do it then you can take help of HP com support envy 5000 and here you will get experienced, technical support team. This model of printer offers user with the opportunity of scanning and copy the images or text. It means the printer is not limited to the printing.


Now in just one call, you can get technical support for the printer related issues. The printers provide lots of benefit such as mobile print, scanning of image and text, and copy the pages. In this way using one printer you can opt for many types of work. Even the printer can be set up wireless for having printing anywhere.


Steps for Installing the Envy Printer

hp com envy 5000


We know that some people are using the printer for the first time. They may feel doubt while installing the printer. So we have bought some simple steps to fix the doubt.

  • In the first step, you have to take out printer form the box and unpacked it.
  • Now in the next step you have to connect the printer with power supply.
  • In the next step, you have to install the ink cartridges. Before putting the ink removes plastic from it.
  • Now after this, you have to put the paper into the paper tray.
  • In the next user should align the ink cartridges. It is necessary to get the best quality of printing.
  • Now in the last step you have to install software of the printer to work with a wireless printer.

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Issues Arrive while Setup or Install the Printer

We have shared some simple steps to fix the issue. If you can’t understand the concept, then you can contact support envy 5000 and get the best solution. Most of the times people face the common issue of setup the printer for this you can follow these simple steps.

  • First thing users should do is disconnect the power supply from the router.
  • Then turn off the printer.
  • Now after this, you should check all accessories setting it can happen when you have not seen the things properly.
  • Now after this check internet connectivity.
  • Once checking process is done now reconnect the power supply and get connect with the WI-Fi.
  • Now turn on the printer and device you have to get connected.
  • At the last, you can check printer with by printing again.

In case you have another doubt or issue then you can easily contact the technical support team through or 1-844-482-5373.

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