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HP Printer Setup – Call Now 1-844-482-5373
HP printer setup

HP Printer Setup – Call Now 1-844-482-5373

Today in many offices people are using an HP printer. At the same time, many people face the issue of HP printer setup and for this, they can contact with 123 HP printer setup support number. Nowadays people are opting wireless printer so that they can use it without connecting to the device. These types of printer are connected through Bluetooth and then with ease users can take print of their choice. We have also shared some steps through which you can easily set up your printer with the device. In this way, you can use it without any disturbance.

The company also provide customers with a helpline number and solve all queries related to the printer. In this, you can also obtain support for having a handy solution. Here you will get quick and reliable service without any hassle. We know that issue is not very complex but our team will assist you in the best way so that you can get satisfied result. The support team will not only assist with printer setup but with installation and procedure also.

Steps for Setup the Printer

The important point users should keep in mind that for setting the printer you have to install the printer drivers. Then only it can work effectively as it is a wireless printer.

We have bought some simple steps through which you can set up a printer with ease.

  • Very first thing users should do is unbox the printer.
  • Now you have to explore all accessories related to the printer and fill all process of the printer.
  • After connecting all accessories now load paper on the paper tray.
  • Now it is the time when you have to connect the printer with the power cord and turn on the device.
  • Now you have to set ink cartridge and check printer ink working.

These are the steps to install all the hardware of the printer. Now you have to install hp printer drivers then only you can take the print from other devices.

To Set up the Wireless Printer

Today most of the people are using wireless printer so that they can take a print out using their android devices such as a tablet or mobile phones. In this wireless, you can connect the printer in two ways which are WPS (Wi-Fi protected setup) and SSID and password. But the most effective way to set up the wireless printer is working with Windows. If you face any issue can contact HP com support and get solutions.

Some simple steps are:

  • · First you have to open the Hp printer.
  • · After this click on the wireless icon and select the wireless setup wizard. Then you have to click on the ok button and it will get display on the list of network.
  • · Now you have to select the network for connecting. If needs you can install software from HP’com for a wireless printer.
  • · In the next step enter your WPS password and connect the device with the printer.

If you have any issue regarding HP printer setup you can call HP com support number 1-844-482-5373.

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